Friday, October 28, 2011

Winery Approved after Public Hearing!

The public hearing took place on Thursday.  There were no objections and the Shier Winery was given full site plan approval.  With the final piece in place, it is time to submit the application to the New York State Liquor Authority for the Farm Winery License.


JLS said...

Hello Michael - I noticed you use a WinePod. I was wondering how you have liked it so far. How do the wines compare to others you have made not using the WP. Have you had issues and if so have you been able to get assistance. I have one but I have never used it yet. Still stuck in my traditional wine making ways. I am just very curious on your thoughts about the WinePod

Michael D Kurzer said...


I think the WinePod is a great winemaking tool. Temperature control during primary fermentation will improve your wine. Sadly, the business model didn't work so well for mass-producing the device during the recession. I am thinking of asking the WinePod's creator, Greg Snell, if he wouldn't mind assisting me with creating a larger scale version of the device to be used in commercial wineries.

JLS said...

Thank you for your reply about the WinePod. I enjoy reading your posts and someday wouldn't mind trying a bottle of your wine.
Thanks again and cheers.