Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oak Riesling Bottled - End of Provina?

The finished Oaked Riesling bottles.

Adding the shrinkwrap cap over the cork by dipping the bottle in boiling water.

Driving the cork into the filled bottle.

Allowing the wine to flow down into a bottle.

Connecting a bottle to the spring-loaded wine supply line.

The pictures show the story of the 25 bottles of Oaked Riesling. Thanks to Alicia for her photojournalism. I think the acid is still a bit high on this batch, but I imagine the wine will only get better with chilling and age. I only used half the Polyclar this time, but still managed to get a fairly good pale gold color. I think the slightly darker hue goes with the added oak chip flavoring.

I received sad news from Greg Snell, CEO of ProVina and the Silicon Valley inventor of the WinePod. With all of the venture capital gone dry, ProVina hit a wall. Greg had to lay off all of his employees and suspend all operations. There will no longer be any support for the WinePod. It disappoints me that when someone steps up and develops a new innovative product, there is no help from the banks or venture funds to keep the business alive.