Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fingerprinted for License

I was fingerprinted today by L-1 Enrollment Services in connection with the background check for the liquor license.  The last time I was fingerprinted was in California when obtaining my real estate license in 1998.  Back then I went to the police station in San Diego.  The cops used black ink and pushed my hand with quite a bit of force to make the marks on the card.  It's been 14 years, and nowadays the process is electronic with a scanner and not nearly as hostile.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Piece By Piece

I stopped by Home Depot and picked up two 36 x 72 inch plexi-glass sheets.  After some trial and error on the jigsaw, I managed to build this:
It is a splash guard for the electrical panel.  What a challenge cutting that door!  I am going to mount the box from the two beams directly above the electrical panel.

Heckeroth Plumbing installed this double-wide wash basin sink with sump pump.  The hot water hose for rinsing the fermentation tanks is sitting in the left basin.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pending at New York State Liquor Authority

I am happy to announce that the Shier Winery license application is now pending before the New York State Liquor Authority.  Unfortunately, they've misspelled the name of Shier Winery as "Sheir Winery."  I'm told that no one gets through without a deficiency notice, so I look forward to being told what is missing or incorrect in the application.  The submitted application, by the way, was as thick as a phone book.

Below is a link to the NYSLA License search tool.