Sunday, October 23, 2011

Keuka Lake Grapes

Alicia and I made a trip up to Penn Yan, New York this weekend for the grape harvest.  The rainy summer took its toll on the sugar content of the grapes.  Following last year's spectacular 23+ starting Brix, this year's Riesling was 18.4.  Back at the Shier, I added 8.25 lbs of dextrose (pure corn sugar) to 15.25 gallons of juice.  After adding the sugar, the Winepod's hydrometer read a Brix of 21.4.  The wine is not going to be sweet this year, but the juice is perfect for drinking.  I would drink Riesling juice every day if it could stay this fresh.
I also picked up 5 gallons of Traminette, a hybrid created with Gewürztraminer.  The Brix on the Traminette was only 16, so I added 3 lbs of dextrose before pitching the yeast.

The Shier Winery made the newspaper this week with an announcement for Thursday's public hearing.  Let's hope the town is behind us.

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