Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wine Plan

The wine itself will be made inside of Provina, Inc.'s WinePod. This part of the setup is the most expensive. The WinePod runs $3500 plus $400 in shipping costs.

In addition, I will need to buy storage barrels for aging, bottles, and a bottling device.

Although Provina is really pushing their frozen Napa grapes, I am planning to get fresh grapes this September from New York's Finger Lakes region. I will probably also buy the yeasts and additives from the vineyard that sells the grapes.

While the WinePod offers electronic sensors and temperature control for fermentation, I will still need to closely monitor the wine at the beginning of the fermentation process. I will probably need to take PTO or work from the house for the first week of fermentation.

Since I will be making the wine 85 miles away from the city, it is important to have a remote control mechanism to monitor the wine. I decided to purchase Symantec PC Anywhere Version 12.1. The control center will be my old 2001 vintage Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop. This laptop is probably the worst piece of computer equipment I have ever owned. Everything has broken at one time on this laptop including the screen, powercord, CD drive, hard drive, and sound card. Hopefully, with a broadband connection, it should make a capable server. I also purchased a new lithion ion battery in case of power failures. Also I will connect a few Lorex USB cameras to my remote setup just in case I feel like watching the wine ferment. Actually, I will probably use the cameras to make sure nothing explodes or leaks.