Monday, October 26, 2015

2015 Riesling Begins Fermentation

As another beautiful fall descends on Upstate New York, Riesling wine season begins anew.  I loaded the WinePod and pitched the yeast at a near-perfect 62 degrees F.  Over the next few weeks, the new wine will be born as the juice undergoes its primary fermentation.  Like 2014, I'm making a smaller production this year as I continue to refine the process.  The WinePod, with its antifreeze jacket lined stainless steel tank and temperature controller, does a great job of preventing the temperature running up during the initial yeast feeding frenzy.  I'm able to achieve a cooling in the larger 80 gallon Flex Tanks by using temperature controlled space heaters with built-in fans.  Only finished taste comparisons will tell if I am achieving the same results in both tanks.