Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shaping Up

A dramatic improvement in the 2009 Riesling vs. the 2008 in terms of color, clarity, and as it turns out from today's testing, acid levels.  The wine is so clear that I am planning to forego the fining process.  Depending on how well cold stabilization goes I should be able to forego adding any potassium sorbate.  And with so little oxidation, I also should be able to avoid adding polyclar.  In other words, I'm making the 2009 with much the same purity as the Riesling from the Moselle Valley.    

The SG measured 1 degree Brix.  Back in October, I started at a Brix of 23, which means a potential alcohol of 13.2%.

I brought out the acid test kit and tested a sample. 

The pH was 3.25 and the total acidity was 0.95 Tartaric.  Acceptable.  Cold stabilization should help.

Alicia and I also gave the wine the most important test.  It is remarkably good.  I am very surprised considering it is only mid-March.  The 2008 wine last year at this time was nowhere near as finished.

I packed the first oaked carboys in ice and put it in the fridge.  It is time to order the bottles. 


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