Monday, August 24, 2009

Beer Bottling

I managed to get 45 bottles out of the not quite full 5 gallon carboy. Two bottles were lost to my taste testing both at one week and two weeks of fermentation. It was much better the second week, but I can't recommend drinking flat room temperature beer. Therefore the beer must be mixed with a small corn dextrose syrup solution (0.75 cups dextrose to 1.5 cups water). By racking the beer onto the corn syrup solution, the beer is charged and ready to ferment a bit more in the bottles. The remaining yeast eats the sugar to produce the carbon dioxide bubbles during the next two weeks down in the basement. Final step is to refrigerate for cold beer.

Soaking the bottles in an oxygen cleaning agent.

Placing them on the dishwasher rack to dry.
Filling the bottles with the corn syrup charged beer.
Clamping on the bottle caps.

Boxing the bottles.

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Rob Feckler said...

That’s very neat! Some say that bottling is tedious but for me, it is always the defining part of the whole brewing process. For one, it compels the total packaging of your product. Anyway, kudos for doing an excellent job on this!

- Rob Feckler